2023 - A5 book (all content)
In 2023, a client got back in touch with me to work on an updated version of a previous project. Originally we had created a series of published articles (see below), but now the client wanted to get book published in full.
This updated version included re-edited content with additional chapters, more diagrams and graphics and changes to the formatting of the pages. The client had also brought on a copy editor for this version of the content, who I worked with to get a uniform look.

Below includes the updated version of chapter 1 (click to expand). 
The 200 page book is set to be published online this year, and in print in 2024. 
2021 - Online Articles (individual chapters)
I was lucky enough to be recommended by a previous client for this freelance opportunity, and I have enjoyed revisiting editorial design. My client, Tony, asked for his series of 10 published articles to be redesigned into a PDF format. Here is some of my design process, experimenting with page layout.
This is the 'before photo' of the first article, as it was originally presented. A simple blog-type website, which leaves users with little customisation options. 
After pitching my brand identity proposal, I was given a lot of creative freedom to make the article clear and engaging.
Below is the final outcome of the online PDF of article 1 (click to expand).
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